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Easy Online Earning Without Investment -I

While there’s a constant struggle to maintain a balance between income and expenditure, a little extra earning to satisfy a few indulgences is always welcome. Your needs vary according to your way of life, and guaranteed that though no one is ever truly completely satisfied with their earnings, still the fight to earn a little bit more goes on. Keeping this in mind, we have a few non time consuming options for all of you. All you need is an internet connection-a thing which one gets even in their hostels. So guys, if you want to take your girl out on a fancy date for her birthday but don’t know how to manage it with the pocket money you get form your parents, here’s an interesting way  to get out of the crunch, and girls-while we are going dutch in every sphere of life, it’s time you start surprising him too with tiny romantic gestures or making him go bonkers with a superb dress, or you just want to rock the world with those incredible stilettos you saw in the mall during you last visit, here’s the secret through which all of which you can afford the things ( and because we are not into some illegal business over here, you will be able to afford them on a realistic time scale, and not overnight) by hardly investing fifteen minutes out of your daily routine- just before you turn on that movie in your laptop.

However, things are not that rosy and golden, you have to be sincere during the entire process, because you don’t get paid by the minute- you earn money by completing surveys . Researchers gather their data by those survey and provide you a way to earn some extra bucks from it. But one of the most frightful question coming into your mind is “are they trustable?”. The answer of that question is a big “YES”. We have and continue to  receive payment from one such site. In future we will give you more options, but till then you can start with this one.

P.S : only those survey sites names will be mentioned here which we ourselves have tried and tested so that you guys do not have to go through the same problems  that we had faced as starters.

What you need to get those earning.

  1. One Email ID.
  2. Paypal Account.
  3. Paypal account connected with Your Bank Account.
  4. Patience.
  5. Honesty.



One of the most reliable website for extra earning. They give you swags for searching in their search engine and Surveys. Playing game is also and option but right now they disable it for cheating.(So be honest).

Earning in SwagBucks

  1. Daily One poll answer – 1 SwagBucks
  2. Search in their Search Engine – Normally 2-4 SwagBucks in each Search
  3. Daily One Survey – 60 SwagBucks
  4. Other Option For Survey in “Answers”
  5. Data Entry Job – 2-40 SwagBucks
  6. EmailSurvey – can be 20-400 SwagBucks (Not Daily)
  7. Daily Goals – if you complete the daily goals for SwagBucks earning then you can earn some bonus daily,weekly and monthly.
  8. One Hourly winner can earn 1000 SwagBucks also.


Probably you will get to hear many negative feedbacks, such as these don’t work, or for that matter you will never be allowed to complete any survey and hence won’t get paid, the simple solution to such problems-click on this link- SwagBucks. Clicking on this link will add you to our circle through which in case you face any problem, you can ping us and we will gladly help you out. As with any survey, there’s always a target audience, again for which we will be able to guide you so you won’t end up spending time in the surveys which you are not eligible to complete. Also, being in our referral list, the surveys to which we are granted access but feel that you satisfy the given criteria of the target audience, we can personally for ward you the links of those


Now let’s talk money- this website has an amazing store of rewards store. You can busy Flipkart/Amazon/Paypal/Jabong/Myntra/ShopClues/LifeStyle/Freecharge gift cards (500 SwagBucks required to order Rs.250 gift card).


So welcome to this awesome website where we try to help your life a little , so in case, there’s a question ringing in your mind, feel free to write it down and we will get back to you asap 🙂

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