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How to activate reliance jio internet in Redmi 2 Prime

Some of us have faced and issue while activating the jio sim internet on our redmi-2-prime mobile. We too faced it and here lies the solution:-

What WE have to Do:

1.Insert your jio Sim in first slot.

2. Activate it or check whether it is activated or not (call 1977)

3.Go to Settings.

4. Go to SIM cards & mobile networks and select the jio SIM card settings.

5. Click on the access point names and if there is jionet then select that one or click on “reset to Default”.

6. If “reset to Default” don’t solve your problem then click on “Add new APN” and give the new APN’s name and save it. Restart your mobile device.

the jio net will be visible in the internet connection list on you phone, wherein you have to select the APN…. and voila!!!! Enjoy the jio internet

screenshot_2016-10-14-13-46-40_com-android-phone       screenshot_2016-10-14-13-46-48_com-android-phone       screenshot_2016-10-14-13-48-00_com-android-settings

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